The Answers to Common Dental Floss Questions

The Answers to Common Dental Floss Questions

Posted by James Robison Oct 24,2017

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Do you have questions about dental floss? If so, our dentist, Dr. James M. Robison, and dental team are happy to help you! The more you know about floss, the better because you’ll be able to choose the product that is right for you. To give you the answers you’re looking for, we would like to give you the answers to commonly asked questions about dental floss.

Q: Why are there different types of dental floss?

A: Because each type of dental floss serves different purposes. For example, waxed nylon floss can slide easier into small and tight places while unwaxed floss tends to shred easily. There is also dental floss that is pre-strung in a floss holder, which is a small tool in the shape of a “Y” or “U.” There are also water flossers that clean the smile with water.

Q: What are water flossers?

A: Water flossers are handy wands that spray water out of the tip. You can choose the right pressure and pattern you would like to use as you clean the smile. All you need to do is push the tip to the cracks between the teeth and let the water clean the area.

Q: Which kind of floss should I use?

A: The best kind of floss to use is the floss that is the most comfortable to use. So, in other words, your preference is all that matters. No matter which product you choose, just make sure to floss once a day.

If you have additional questions that weren’t included in this blog, please contact Rocklin Dental at 916-663-5555 at your earliest convenience. Our dental team will be thrilled to give you the answers you’re looking for and teach you a little more about dental floss in Rocklin, California!

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