Oral Health Outliers: Dental Sealants

Oral Health Outliers: Dental Sealants

Posted by James Robison Apr 21,2018

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When looking for new ways to improve your oral health, never be afraid to seek out preventive treatments. Oftentimes, the key to oral health care is not waiting until damage has already occurred but setting forth an effective prevention plan to ensure dental damage does not occur at all.

Although there are several restorations and treatment to makeover your smile if you do have any accidents or injuries, oftentimes, prevention is the best method. You can speak with your dentist about the use of dental sealants to provide protection to the top of your teeth. Dental sealants are designed to add an additional layer of protection by providing a coating across your chewing surfaces of teeth. This is most helpful across your premolars and molars where you’re chewing services are vulnerable to dental erosion and tooth decay. In fact, a single application of dental sealants can lower your risk of tooth decay by as much as 80%. Because your teeth are vulnerable to harmful acids that chew through your tooth enamel, sealants can improve your oral health by resisting these acids when in place.

Furthermore, dental sealants have even been proven to be safe for the use of children. As soon as a child’s molars begin to grow in, which is typically around the age of 6, it may be wise to have a dental sealant application placed. This is because they can lower the risk of tooth decay by as much as three times on protected teeth. In addition, dental sealants are durable and can easily last up to 10 years before a replacement may be needed.

If there is anything more you wish to know about dental sealants, contact our dental office in Rocklin, California. Furthermore, you are welcome to schedule an appointment at Rocklin Dental by calling us at 916-663-5555. Dr. James M. Robison looks forward to taking your smile and your oral health care to the next level with dental sealants.

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