If you have tooth decay, our dentist will use air abrasion or aqua abrasion technology to remove the decay from your mouth and clean and polish your teeth. Air and aqua abrasion function in the same way, with the difference being that one uses highly pressurized air and the other water to perform your treatment. Contact us at 916-663-5555 for more information about air abrasion and aqua abrasion in Rocklin, California, and make your appointment at Rocklin Dental.

Air and aqua abrasion do not involve any drills, needles, or shots. When you receive this treatment, our dentists painlessly and quickly remove the decayed and damaged portions of your teeth.

Air and aqua abrasion treatments are minimally invasive, fast, and gentle. They also have the added benefit of being quieter than traditional dental drills, giving you a more comfortable experience overall. This technology is similar to a sandblaster in terms of function, scouring away the decay and leaving your healthy teeth intact. This allows you to maintain greater portions of your natural tooth structure, which also helps you maintain healthy, strong teeth.

We invite you to call our office today to learn more about the benefits of air abrasion and aqua abrasion and schedule your appointment with Dr. James M. Robison.