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You can overcome significant tooth loss when you receive full dentures at Rocklin Dental. These appliances are shaped to grip the natural gum structure to remain securely in your smile. However, as the bone structure undergoes a condition called oral atrophy that causes it to change, the fit of your dentures can become looser. You can help your dentures remain secure and last longer by applying denture adhesive each time you place the appliance in your smile.

The purpose of denture adhesive is to help your dentures maintain their grip so that they can remain securely attached to your gums. The adhesive also helps to provide a seal so that the dentures don’t build up food particles between the base and the gums. You can carry denture adhesive wherever you go so you can apply it again as needed and make sure your dentures always fit well.

Before bed, take out your dentures and scrub off the residual adhesive, and then place your appliance in a solution to soak while you sleep. Dentures that have a clean base can better accommodate the denture adhesive the following day.

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